School Support Network Meeting - Warren County - February 4, 2020

Date: Feb 04, 2020

Location: 89 Bowerstown Rd Washington, NJ United States

Each School Support Network Meeting in Warren County will begin with coffee and networking, table talks and then a professional development session. This month's topic is described below.

Professional Development Topic:
The Importance of Adult Social-Emotional Skills: The Foundation for a Thriving School Community

This workshop will focus on the important ways that school leaders, teachers, and staff social-emotional skills support students’ own social-emotional skills development and create a positive school climate. The discussion will include a consideration of how adults are role models for student behavior, provide examples of how teacher’s social-emotional strengths can help to create positive classroom climates and positive relationships, and how understanding staff and teacher social-emotional skills is critical for setting students up for success in academic and social-emotional domains. In addition, time will be spent exploring the positive impact strong social-emotional skills can have on the health and wellness of adults in the school community.


Patricia C. Heindel, Ph.D.
Dean, Professional Studies
Director, Center for Human and Social Development & the Center's School Culture and Climate Assessment Lab
Co-Director, School Culture and Climate Initiative
Co-Director, Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

Date And Time

Tue, February 4, 2020

8:30 AM – 11:00 AM EST


Warren Hills Regional School District

89 Bowerstown Rd

Washington, NJ

United States

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